The cleansing balm experiment and product reviews: Emma Hardie, Botanics and Clinique


A while back I treated myself to a gorgeous cleansing balm from Emma Hardie. The Moringa Cleansing Balm at £38.00 is certainly a luxury, but it is very lovely indeed. This was my first foray into cleansing balms and I am a total convert. A pot of this stuff does last a pretty long time and would make a lovely gift for someone. You can find it here at Feel Unique.


I felt that almost £40.00 to take my makeup off was a bit too expensive to develop a long term habit, so I started to look for alternatives. At the opposite end of the scale is the Boots Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm at £8.99. I can’t find it on the Boots website at the moment, but if I do I’ll update this post with a link. I thought this product had a lovely spa - like smell, it did remove all my makeup, but removing the cleanser was a problem for me. I use a flannel rather than the muslin cloth provided and it certainly wouldn’t rinse away. I almost had to scrape it off my skin. Even after drying my skin felt greasy rather than moisturised. Interestingly this is the only cleansing balm I have tried that left a sticky, greasy film all over the sink. So it’s safe to say I am not a fan.


Bang in the middle in terms of price range, but right up there for performance is the Clinique Take the Day Off cleansing balm. It is £22 for 125ml from Boots here. I love, love, love this. A pot of this size lasts me a good six months of everyday use. Buying a pot or two of this in a year won't make me feel like I'm breaking the bank!  It doesn’t have the same spa like smell, but it is a joy to use. Take a small, thumbnail sized piece and massage into your face. It will make short work of even the smokiest eye and waterproof mascara. I remove it with a flannel and it comes off very easily and leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished with no need to scrub the sink!





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