5 Minute Make up: AKA The Pre-School Face.

5 Minute Makeup

Since I’ve been struggling to get two children up, fed, dressed and out in the mornings, I have come up with a few time saving ideas. I’ll go into the other ideas in more detail in a later post, but for now let’s concentrate on getting ready to face the world.

The effect I am going for in the mornings is awake and healthy, or at the very least awake, if healthy seems unachievable. Having said that I’ve gathered a handy little kit which seems to achieve this effect pretty well. I have quite a big makeup collection, being a bit of an addict, but I’ve gathered all these essentials into their own makeup bag. This means I can do my makeup upstairs, downstairs or with a mouthful of toast. I had been grabbing handfuls of stuff each morning and bunging it into my dressing gown pockets before the separate makeup bag idea occurred to me.

I've gone for ease of application and you’ll notice there is only one brush. Everything else is applied using my hands.

Base: I love the Healthy Mix Serum Foundation from Bourjois, I've been using it for years. It’s so fast to put on, easy to blend and sits very naturally on the skin. It provides enough coverage most days, I don't think it lasts all day without touch ups, but I have a trick for that, just read on. At £10.99 it’s excellent value too.

Concealer / Eye bags: Yep, this is an essential step for me every day; the dark shadows under my eyes these days are pretty bad. I’ve recently found a product that helps; it’s the Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer. It’s got a sponge applicator on top, so you jut twist it up and apply directly under the eye. I find that it blends very well, and covers the blue tinge I get under my eyes. I set it with a little powder to help keep it in place. You can find it for about £7.


Setting Powder: I love the Healthy Balance Powder from Bourjois, its ultra finely milled and sets your base without looking caked. It comes in 4 shades that help to add a little radiance to your skin, and it can’t do any harm that it contains ingredients that are good for your skin. It's £8.99 and frequently on 3 for 2 in Boots, so I stock up!

Cheek Colour: I have two products that I use here; a quick sweep of these makes me look instantly brighter and healthier. First up it’s the much celebrated Honey Bronzer, £13 from the Body Shop. This formula is enriched with honey and is matt, so no shimmer to worry about, I swirl the brush around and apply quite a generous amount in a kind of figure of 3 shape around the edges of the face. Starting at the temples, down and along the cheekbone, then double back and head down along the jaw line. On the apples of the cheeks I really like a little pop of a pinky colour and my favourite is the Nars Orgasm Blush. At £23 it’s the most expensive product in this line up, but I find it suits most makeup looks and lasts really, really well.

Eyes: This is where I take a bit of a short cut I simply use my fingers to smudge on a little of the Maybelline Eyestudio Colour Tatoo 24 hrs in On and On Bronze. It’s a little pot of cream eye shadow that blends beautifully and lasts well, on me I don’t find that it creases as the day goes on. The colour is just enough to give a little definition to the area, without doing anything complicated.

Brows: A quick brush through with Benefit Gimme Brow, £18.50 from Boots is all it takes. This adds colour and holds the hairs in place all day. I’ve tried a few cheaper alternatives, but I don’t think I’ve found anything quite as good.

Mascara: I love the They’re Real Mascara, again from Benefit and selling for £19.50 in Boots. It’s easy to apply and gives a lovely effect.  The little ball shape at the top of the wand is great for reaching the finer eyelashes on the lower lid.

Lipstick: I have a few lip crayon type products; I really like the ease of application. This one, Chinatown Glossy Pencil from Lipstick Queen is one of my favourites. I got it in a gift set that included three colours, but you can buy the full sized one on its own for £22 from Space NK. My favourite shade is Catalina but there are 8 lovely colours to choose from.

Setting Spray: I decided to try a setting spray to see if it helped my makeup last longer. You need to shake the living daylights out of this and spray lightly. It feels quite wet initially and you think “how is this not making my makeup run?”, but it doesn't. It dries quickly and I think it really helps to keep my makeup in place all day. It’s  The Maybelline 24hr Setting Spray and it's not expensive at £6.99, but it seemed like a good entry level product to give setting sprays a try, but it isn't a step I'd bother with every day.

I hope you enjoyed this and got some ideas of some products to try. Let me know if you have any great short cut products that I need to try?

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