Shower gel but better- L’occitane Almond Shower Oil Review

L'occitane Almond Shower OIl

I want to talk to you about shower gel. Shower gel is one of those things that you either have 500 bottles in the bathroom cupboard or none. I’m not normally too fussy about shower gel, as long as there is some I’m ok with that. I have recently discovered something new that could change all that, it’s not a new product - just new to me.


I was lucky enough to receive a bottle of the Almond Shower Oil from L’occitane for my birthday. First off it smells wonderful, and once the oil comes into contact with water it changes into a soft, bubbly later. It leaves my skin feeling really soft, like I could skip the moisturiser afterwards. As a moisturiser obsessive this is a pretty big deal for me. I would never have a bath or shower without slathering myself in some sort of lotion or cream afterwards. So to be able to skip this step will save me some vital time, especially in the mornings.

I find the scent lingers on the skin, it’s a fresh almond scent so clean smelling and not at all cloying or sickly sweet. Nor is it overpowering so it won’t clash with your perfume or anything. Since I usually buy whatever is on special offer for my shower gel this L’occitane one is a real treat. It’s £18.00 for 250ml although a little goes a long way and I find it lasts for ages. Try using this when you shave your legs, they’re like silk afterwards! It would make a nice little gift for someone, as I suspect nobody treats themselves to a fancy shower gel.

Be warned though, you may well become hooked. Should you find that showers in the future are rather dull compared to this, then i have something you can consider. L'occitane sell an Eco Refill which is £26 for 500ml and as this will fill the original bottle twice it works out at £13 per fill, rather than £18 to buy a new bottle. So whether you decide to treat yourself or a friend then for heaven's sake don’t recycle the bottle - you'll need it!


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