Skincare Secrets Series: Part 1 – Alpha H Liquid Gold

Alpha H Liquid Gold


Liquid Exfoliators – Alpha H Liquid Gold.

I am a fairly recent convert to the idea of liquid exfoliators, I first heard about them via the Caroline Hirons blog – if you haven’t been to Caroline’s website then please make sure you check it out. Caroline is a skin care expert, she tells it like it is, with a healthy dose of humour. Back when I was a teenager I got a bit carried away with scrubs containing scratchy little bits. The rough, gritty texture left my dry and somewhat sensitive skin looking worse than ever. So if you would like to find a more gentle way to achieve softer more radiant skin then read on...

The idea behind liquid exfoliators is that the dull, and dead skin is removed through a chemical process rather than physically scraping the old cells off.  Since discovering these products I have bought a few that do slightly different jobs. None of the products I plan to include in this series cost a fortune either; I don’t have buckets of money to spend on skin care – even when I'm not on maternity leave!

So let’s get started with Liquid Gold by Alpha H. Described as a resurfacing treatment, which sounds a lot scarier than it is, to deal with signs of ageing and sun damage. It is recommended for prematurely ageing, mature, sun damaged and acne scarred skin. I have slightly ageing (oh joy), and pretty dry skin and I believe I can see the difference in my skin the next day. It definitely leaves my skin looking brighter, and as though I've had a good night’s sleep. This is highly unlikely with two young children.

Liquid Gold contains a small amount of glycolic acid, but don’t let the word acid put you off. The back of the bottle suggests that you use it every other night, but for me I find that once a week is about right. Also, I want it to last me a while, but it’s not too badly priced at around £35. A little goes a long way, I've had my bottle for ages.

You apply a little to a cotton wool pad and sweep it gently all over the face at night, you can then wait until it is touch dry before applying your moisturiser. Alternatively, for a more intensive treatment, you can leave it on its own to go to work. As I have dry skin I didn't think that I would be able to stick this second option, but it really does leave my skin feeling very comfortable. Even in the morning my skin still feels soft and isn't crying out for moisturiser.

So if your skin is in need of a little brightening, and whose isn't? Then Liquid Gold would be a very good place to start. You can find here it on Look Fantastic at £33.50 with free delivery worldwide – bonus!

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