Skincare Secrets Series: Part 4- Ren Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial


One of my lovely friends, who knows me and my skincare obsession all too well bought me this for Christmas. It was one of those cult products I had heard a lot about but hadn’t been able to treat myself to. It’s the Ren Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial and from here on in I don’t think i’ll be without it.


The effect it has on your skin is immediate and very impressive, it’s also incredibly easy to use. So it’s a winner as far as I am concerned. It contains Vitamin C which activates on contact with water, it has a slightly gritty kind of texture which makes your skin feel lovely and smooth. Then you dampen your fingers, massage and leave for 1 minute. Then the Vitamin C goes to work, it’s one of those ingredients renowned for reducing the effects of ageing and skin damage. Then you just rinse it off, and that’s it.


What you will be left with is skin that looks more healthy and radiant, it’s great just before a night out or special event. Ren state that it is suitable for all skin types, apart from the most sensitive. My skin is on the sensitive side and I haven’t had any problems, but you could always try in store before purchasing. I am using it two or three times a week, just after cleansing. I think it’s especially nice to use in the morning, so you get the benefit of the glow in daylight. No point in glowing when you’re ear is pressed to a baby monitor all night and you’re on permanent high alert. Our littlest one has started cot acrobatics and frequently gets stuck and needs rescued. My hope is to receive a few less “oh, you look tired” comments the following morning. Ha, wishful thinking!

This little wonder is widely available online and in stores and is £32 for 75ml which lasts ages. You can get it here from Look Fantastic with free delivery.

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