The Storksak Noa Review – Seven Months Later

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I did quite a bit of research before deciding on the Storksak Noa. I wanted a changing bag that didn’t look like a changing bag, if you know what I mean? I loved the look of this bag straight away, and almost eight months in that hasn’t changed.

It comes in loads of colours including bright pink and powder blue, and in a choice of two materials. You can go for leather or the wipe clean coated canvas that I went for. My favourite colour is the grey, I love how smart it is, the tan leather handles just set it off beautifully. My buggy is black, but I think this bag goes with everything. 

The bag itself is a nice size to hold all the essentials without you feeling like a pack horse. The main bag is essentially one huge compartment, so I love how much you can stuff in there. There is a zipped pocket inside for your purse or to keep the ticket to get out of the car park, I’m forever misplacing those sneaky little things.

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Inside there is a separate mini organiser bag, in the same colour as the main bag, so grey in my case. It has a large internal compartment where I stash nappies, wipes, and the accompanying changing mat. There are 5 pockets on the outside for nappy cream, disposal bags, hand sanitiser and all that sort of stuff. This is a handy little feature, as when you are out and about you can just grab this and take it to the bathroom with you.

Sometimes the changing mats that come with bags are flimsy, but not this one. It’s soft and nicely padded. It folds up really small and has a little velcro tab to keep it closed.

The shoulder strap is adjustable and is made of a nice webbing material so it stays put on your shoulder. It has integrated buggy clips, but I have to say I haven't used these too much, it’s a two handed job to attach them. So I have to sort of balance the weight of the bag on one knee, in a stork like pose, while I try to attach the buggy clips. I usually just sling it over the buggy handle using the shoulder strap.

There is a single pocket on the outside of the bag which is a good place to keep your car keys and the usual 101 tissues that I seem to carry about with me everywhere. It has an insulated bottle pouch too which is tucked into the side seam of the bag, I think this is a brilliant feature, and you don't have to worry about liquids leaking all over your stuff.

So on to the price, the coated canvas option is £75 whilst the leather option is £165. I found a voucher code online for mine when I bought it, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for that. With my eldest daughter we used our changing bag for years, right up until she was toilet trained really. It’s so handy for all the spare clothes. So considering how much use it gets I don’t think £75 is too bad, and so far I have to say it still looks in great condition and is lasting well. It seems like the sky's the limit with changing bags as far as cost goes these days, but I think this bag offers an attractive and practical design, great quality and is good value for money.

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