Where have I been?

Yes, I know, I know. I have neglected this blog a bit – ok A LOT.

I have hundreds of excuses I could give, but I can sum it up pretty quickly- life keeps getting in the way. I haven’t been making the blog a priority – but I have another year left of the three years I signed up for. So I figured if I didn’t give it a proper go now – then I never would.

When I started this blog I was off on maternity leave after baby number 2, who is now 2 and a half. In fact, I recently submitted her application to pre-school, a very scary thought. Like most people, I don’t know where the time has gone. Haven’t a clue in fact. I went back to work in March 2016 and between Mum duties, work and a teeny, tiny social life this blog was abandoned.

This year, as if life wasn’t complicated enough I am going back to school! In September I started work on a Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing with the Chartered Institute of Marketing. It’s good and I am learning a lot, but the time required to do all the reading and studying is intense. Just before Christmas (wonderful timing) I sat the exams for the first module in Strategic Marketing. I’m waiting for the results of that one, but have all my fingers and toes crossed – just in case.

This week we started Digital Marketing, the module I am most looking forward to. We have only had one class so far, but I’m enjoying it too. If you would be interested in a proper write up of the course, once I finish it, if I pass it all, then let me know.

For now though, being a student / working parent / Mum is keepingĀ  me out of trouble. Last year we did a major house project that took over our lives for 6 months – so at least that is finished or I don’t know how I would stay afloat. Before Christmas I was being that person who forgets what day drama class is on, and what day school finishes early. This year I have updated all the calendars with all the school stuff in the hope nothing else goes wrong with that- good intentions anyway. We’ll see how long it lasts!

Gayle x

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